The Pros of Probiotics

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As a society, we spend a lot of energy trying to stamp out bacteria—anti-bacterial cleansers, hand soaps, and anti-biotic(against life) medications are used and often abused. But the fact is that some bacteria are essential to our health. We call these probiotics (for life) and they aid in healthy digestion and immunity. They break down our food, aiding in nutrient absorption, and fighting inflammation by killing off the “bad” including Salmonella and E-Coli.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have enough of these good bacteria inhabiting our digestive tract. If you regularly experience colds and flu, digestive complications, yeast infections (or other types of infections) , then odds are you could use a regular infusion of probiotics to support higher levels of  health and keep you that way.

My recommendation is probiotics—with a good , quality supplement daily, more than four billion mixed strains of beneficial bacteria to boost your immune system and improve your digestion! When you shop for a quality probiotic supplement, find a manufacturer that coats the capsules so that the capsule does not dissolve until it reaches the intestines. Many cheaper supermarket offerings dissolve when they hit the stomach acid—which also kills the benefificial bacteria.

At Herbs & More in Encinitas, Ca., 760 753-7272, we carry from six-billion, all the way up to critical care fifty-billion probiotic bacteria count. The higher level, stronger count forms are often used after anti-biotics or when a person has had a surgery.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others