Hormone Imbalance

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Below are testimonials from women who were having hormone imbalance of one sort or another and the benefits they received using a natural approach.

Testimonial #1) Before using the herbal combination Female Comfort, I was hindered by constant pre-menopausal symptoms such as: night sweats, hot flashes and mood swings. After starting the formula and using it for approximately 2-1/2 weeks, these symptoms disappeared! I feel so much better and recommend it highly ( I use it along with a natural progesterone cream I got at Herbs & More also ). I use a small amount of the cream in the morning and evening and take the Female Comfort twice a day. Thanks so much. The muscle testing was interesting and seems to have helped in finding just the right things I needed “. Cheryl C., 05/10/2003.

Testimonial #2) ” I came to see Steve to obtain some relief during ovulation and “period week”.  I was experiencing 3 days of nausea, pain & hot flashes during ovulation, & 8 days of the same symptoms during my period. After following the regimen Steve recommended, and within one cycle, I have experienced NO noticeable symptoms during ovulation & only 4 days of minor discomfort during my period! How is this possible? I have had symptoms around my menstrual cycle pretty much since it started, some 17 years ago. Hormone imbalance is something I have lived with and didn’t know it could be so easy to change for the better. I honestly feel Steve has given me 7 days back of normal living every month”. Thank you Steve. Lois, 10/11/2006.

Testimonial #3) “I was experiencing hot flashes and after talking with Steve at length, I decided to try the liver cleanse formula and thyroid activator. After two weeks, no more hot flashes and I have lost 5 pounds I wasn’t expecting to lose. Before that, I had been gaining weight and was having hot flashes every hour or two. I felt like a mess. I feel great–thanks”. Janet M., 02/18/2003

Testimonial #4) ” I was previously on HRT  for almost 10 years. I developed then breast cancer so needed a new option for hot flashes. I have been taking the herbal formula called Flash Ease from Herb & More for one month & have had relief within first 2 weeks. I will continue this therapy indefinately”. Rae S., 08/2002

If you found this information helpful, please share it with others