Alkaline Water (Encinitas)

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By Steve Marmor, owner of Herbs & More–Your Natural Health Center in Encinitas, Ca., 760 753-7272 or

It is true that alkaline water (Encinitas) produced from water ionizers possess at least four important features: 1) The water is certainly very alkaline and helps to compensate for the tsunami of acidity that is the by-product of our current American lifestyle; 2) it is altered in its structure  (smaller clustered water molecules) and therefore more hydrating; 3)  naturally oxygenated; 4) and possesses highly anti-oxidizing benefits.

It is also true that one household in five in Japan and one household in eight in S. Korea own a water ionizer, and that these health appliances have been used all throughout the Pacific Rim for approximately three decades. Alkaline water (Encinitas) ionizers are just starting to gain traction here in the United States as people find they want more natural answers to the myriad of health issues that “show up” for people as they age.

After air, water is the second most important element and hardly anyone is drinking healthy, life-giving, vital, alkaline water (Encinitas).

As a natural health practitioner since 1989,  one of the most important areas I focus on all the time in my work with people, is improving the health of my clients blood chemistry. That is, more disease conditions are known to exist in an acidic, dehydrated, anaerobic environment…and we tend to maintain a much higher standard of health when we are properly hydrated, pH balanced & nicely oxygenated. An alkaline water ionizer helps with all of these important elements right from the convenience of one’s own home.

Do we have a lagoon for our blood chemistry or a Himalayan glacial stream for our blood chemistry? Arguably, the most important of the ten systems of the body is the circulatory system. Why, because the circulatory system is the conveyor or highway system that feeds all the cells that make up specialized tissues that make up all our organs & glands, from head to toe. Of course, many factors affect our blood chemistry. Examples are: liver congestion, bowel elimination inefficiency, kidney problems, etc.

If we have a congested, toxic, fish tank with a broken filter analogy for a blood chemistry, health symptoms and problems will develop! If, on the other hand, we have clear channels of elimination (kidneys, skin, bowel, lungs), & if our liver is functioning well, this goes a long way towards establishing the right kind of internal environment for maintaining higher levels of health.

Think about it…the heart is the only organ location of the body that has never contracted cancer for anybody on the planet, ever. That’s because there is a steady profusion of blood that courses through the chambers of the heart. As a consequence, there is no opportunity for stagnation to take place and no opportunity for renegade or mutant cells to evolve and proliferate. If we use this as an example and recognize the importance of vanquishing and mobilizing toxins, impurities, residues and acids from our cells on a consistent basis, we do a much better job of creating the right kind of opportunity for everything to work better over a longer period of time.

Health is a habit! When we integrate exercise, manage our stress, eat vital foods, get more oxygen from hyperbaric chambers or other sources, as well as drink alkaline water (Encinitas) regularly, we go a long way in the direction of supporting our bodies the way they were intended to be supported. As a result, we function better & feel better.

Hardly any of us have been given an owner’s manual for our bodies. If we had, we would cleanse and tune-up different body systems periodically, as well as build and re-build certain systems at other times.

Drink Alkaline Water (Encinitas) at a quantity of two quarts a day (freshly ionized if possible) for 7-10 days and there is no chance you won’t notice positive results. Mention this article and receive two free gallons of alkaline ionized water from Herbs & More in Encinitas, 760 753-7272. Health classes are held every Wednesday, 12:30-1:30, at Herbs & More on a wide variety of health topics, and there is always time spent comparing and contrasting different water sources with a question & answer period.

For more information, contact Steve at: 760 753-7272.

If you found this information helpful, please share it with others