Adhd & Add supported naturally

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*Adhd & add are symptoms of underlying disturbances that can often be helped tremendously with herbs & other natural therapies.

Here are some testimonials from parents of children with labeled adhd & add, and some of the results they were able to achieve.

Testimonial #1)  “Dear Steve, This is Garrett’s story: Garrett is so intelligent! This was the only positive comment I would hear from teachers or day care providers about my youn son. Too bad his behavior and short attention span prevent him from learning as much as he could…, would be the next sentence.

Sometime between the ages of 12 & 24 months, my happy, energetic, easy to console child became angry and aggressive. Biting, choking and pinching other children became daily occurrences.

After being asked to leave three different preschools and spending 18 months on various medications to control his behavior and aggression (which exacted a heavy toll on his body), with concurrent psychotherapy, my 6 year old asked, “when can I stop my medicine?” Against the advice of the psychiatrist who, quite callously answered, that he would be 21 before he could stop. We discontinued the medication. “You will be back”, were his parting words.

A year of negative report cards and very little academic progress had me reading everything I could on ADHD and depression. I knew my beautiful, intelligent son’s body was not meant to function in this manner.

It was serendipity (or fate?) which led me to Steve Marmor at his Herbs & More in Encinitas. I told him briefly about my son. His words, ” I can’t tell you until I evaluate him because every child is different”, was music to my ears. Here was someone who would not give me a generic answer.

I returned a week later and Steve spent some time with Garrett. He suggested a specific combination of herbs & minerals. As Steve predicted, there would be a significant difference. He was much calmer, less aggressive, and happier. He also stopped chewing on non food items ( yes, my child would chew on paper, erasers, nerf balls, toys of all kinds). Even with some inconsistency in administering the herbs, I constantly hear comments on his changed behavior. The best part is that he feels a whole lot better!

I constantly recommend Steve to my student’s parents (I am a middle school teacher). He has done wonders for my sons’ Adhd diagnosis. We still have a ways to go, but at least now I have more confidence that my child’s potential can be fulfilled. That he will be able to use the many talents he has been given, in order to become a happy and successful human being.” Thank you so much Steve.  Sincerely, Gina C., August, 1998.

If you found this information helpful, please share it with others