Acid Reflux Remedies…

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Testimonials of benefits gained with symptoms of acid refllux (remedies)…

1) I have been suffering from heartburn, indigestion and a lot of burping after eating for atleast 10 years.  I took pepcid ac, tums  for many years. Only  to take more and more as time went on. After that, I progressed to prescription drugs to help the problem.

I am very thankful  that I found Steve at Herbs & More. He adjusted my stomach for me twice. That is, I had a hiatal hernia I didn’ t know about that Steve tested for and then informed me about. HHe moved it back into the proper position and I have been a new person. I have changed my diet per Steves suggestions and am eating better.

* Acid reflux remedies are available through Herbs & More, Encinitas, Ca., 760 753-7272.

I used to get heartburn with anything I put in my mouth, but am absolutely amazed at the difference since the adjustment and the herbs you recommended. Thank you so much for helping me!!!   Carolyn, 11-15-01.

2) I have had upset stomach with diarrhea for 4-5 years. I had seen numerous doctors and there was no cure. Then I came to steve and I got started on some herbs and he adjusted my stomach.  It made all the difference. i am regular again and don’t have an upset stomach anymore. I am a huge believer in the natural way now. Thank you, Mike J. 8-5-06.

3) For over one year I lived with a burning sensation in my abdomen that was getting progressively worse. My regular physician concluded that I must have irritable bowel because results of my sigmoidoscopy and barium were normal. She tried unsuccessfully to give me relief with prescription drugs. I tried many over the counter medications  without success, too.

The first time I saw Steve Marmor at Herbs & More, on August 4, 2003, he was able to determine what was causing my discomfort and how to solve the problem. He did a simple stomach adjustment an suggested some dietary supplements and a few lifestyle changes I could make. He also encouraged me to read the book, “Hiatal Hernia Syndrome: Insidious Link to Major Illness”, to educate myself further. In less than two days following that visit with Steve, my stomach pain was gone.

Since my first appointment with Steve, I have had a slight burning sensation return once, for a few days, but I was quickly able to control it and have not had a reoccurrence since. Before meeting with Steve my life was being impacted immensely by the constant, severe abdominal pain. I found myself slightly bent overto try to accommodate the nagging hurt that would not go away. Now, since my pain is gone, I have been able to return to my normal activities and be comfortable again. His skill and expertise made an enormous difference in my life. Esta, October 2, 2003.

*Acid reflux remedies are not as hard to achieve as you would think. Get proper guidance and support, 760 753-7272.


If you found this information helpful, please share it with others