Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Chronic Fatigue syndrome not only refers to the obvious fatigue and exhaustion, but incorporates a host of other symptoms as well, such as: sleep problems; concentration & memory not what it should be; iritability, edginess, impatience and and often depression; weight gain or loss (most often weight gain); sugar cravings; supressed immune system.Not all of these symptoms have to be expressed with chronic fatigue syndrome, but many of them most often are.

Here are a number of testimonials from people I have assisted with this condition and the results they received. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a very addressable condition if one knows how. It is your birthright to feel good! Please read on…

Testimonial # 1) “When  first visited Herbs & More, I had felt terrible  for such a long time that I really didn’t realize how bad I was. I was so wxhausted all the time. I woke up tired and I hurt all over. The doctor told me I was in great shape and should continue my aerobics and occasional jogging. The problem was, when I exercised I had no energy left for anything else. vitamins didn’t help all andseemed to make a constipation problem even worse. i wasn’t sleeping and suffered from muscle cramps so the doctor prescribed a mild tranquilizer. I was drinking coffee and craved sugar and sweets.

After sitting down with Steve for a health consultation, he modified my eating and put me on a program of herbs and rest. Everything he said made sense to me so I followed his advice exactly. I began to feel better around the second week and at the end of the first month could see a tremendous difference in my energy and overall sense of well being. i gave up the coffee and no longer crave the sweets. It’s been about six weeks now and I am beginning to sleep well.When I get up in the morning now I feel goodand my energy level is still increasing. I’m looking forward to being in good health and am grateful to Steve for all his advice and especially for caring.”  Sincerely, Judith S., April 18, 1994.

*Chronic fatigue syndrome is a very addressable condition. Contact Herbs & More (760 753-7272) and get back to feeling like your old self again!

Testimonial #2) ” I had been suffering from low energy and depression for about two years and could not shake it by any non drug methods. I was recommended to Steve Marmor by my chiropractor and he suggested a course of supplements that over 4-6 months was totally effective in reducing my depression and giving me more enegy. Part of the regimen consisted of cutting back on some of my exercises so my body could rest and revitalize. I would recommend Steve and am thankful.”  George W. 3/21/2001.

Testimonal #3 ” Since being on the program Steve set up for me from Herbs & More, there has definately been a change in the way I feel. I sleep much better and more soundly. I was waking numerous times during the night and having difficulty getting up when the alarm went off. Now, I am able to sleep in a deeper state and therefore feel rested when I wake.

My energy level is much higher . Not only do I have more energy, but the level of  energy itself is higher. I have to be careful and make myself stop BEFORE I get tired, as I have a habit of going as long as I feel I can. Now I limit myself BEFORE I tire. Also, I feel more alert and as if my mind is much clearer. Before it was as if I was almost in a fog-like state.  When I am tired, it is a “healthy” tired. Before I would be so tired that I would almost be sick–sore throat–and that would tell me I needed extra rest. there is a feeling of relaxation—more of an even feeling, not much emotions up and down—even though there is the same amount of stress, etc. thank you very much for helping me get my life back.” Carla B. 10/20/1994.

*Chronic Fatigue syndrome is a name for what many people feel. It’s not a disease, it is a condition of exhaustion that stems from too much stress for too long. The symptoms expressed are quite common, as mentioned above, and are very addressable. If you are an 8 cylinder vessel pumping on 5,6 or 7 cylinders, but never on 8, contact Herbs & More in Encinitas, Ca., 760 753-7272.

If you found this information helpful, please share it with others