Skin Problems

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eczema improved

Skin Problems are everywhere! Eczema, herpes, psoriasis, acne, shingles, etc. Why do they come about and what can be done?

Here are some testimonials from people who have had skin problems and how they benefited when getting to the underlying cause.

Testimonial #1 ” I have had eczema since I was twelve years old. Most of the time it became a wet raised blister like rash on my fingers. In 1995 in the early spring my hands broke out and continued to break down until the skin over the joints split open and began to bleed. I had used all kinds of cortisone products, protective creams and oils. I was reduced to wearing cotton gloves to cover the lesions and keep the skin from splitting. That’s how I arrived at Herbs & More.

Steve worked with me. I had a cleansing program followed by an iridology assessment and an herbal program. Dramatically, in one week, the skin had stopped splitting open, the wet lesions were gone and my skin had healed over. It was still swollen and pink but even that completely disappeared in 10 days.  Now, whenever I get the first hint of a flare-up, I begin my herbs and have not had a full-blown recurrence since. I am a registered nurse and a geriatric nurse practitioner, and as a result of my profession certainly qualified to assess the course of my skin problem. My results were miraculous!” Ruth B. 06/22/1996.

*Skin problems are everywhere…

Testimonial#2) ” Greetings: Steve has been our family “herb doctor” for 16 years. He has always been there for us through the common cold to more serious afflictions. We first met Steve because I worked near his herb store on HWY 101 when my 8 year old son had warts.

Due to family realignment my little guy was going through some tough times and one of the symptoms was an outbreak of warts all over his hands. I went to a medical doctor for advice and he suggested burning them off. We tried this on a few, but the warts just came back. I was very distraught, socially it was hard for Clay to have these warts all over his hands but medically there really was nothing that could be done.

Just by luck I came into Herbs & More (Steve’s store) and asked his opinion. Steve suggested a combination of herbs to get Clay’s bowel functioning better, a blood purifier and an herbal anti-viral, since warts are a virus. We went on blind faith for awhile but soon there was noticeable change and within a month the warts were totally gone and have never returned!

Being a single mom and going through a tough time myself, Steve’s help meant everything to us (Clay and I). We continued to go to Steve with all the ailments life can send your way and Steve has been like part of our family. Even when Clay came home for the summer, after the first year of college, he was exhausted and Steve suggested a combination of herbs/supplements that built Clay’s strength and supported his nervous system. Clay took these back to college in the fall and whenever he felt run down he would start back on them for awhile. Steve is a smart guy, intuitive and heartfelt. We are lucky to have found him and I always recommend him to anyone with health concerns.”  Sincerely, Francine G. May, 2009.

For assistance with skin conditions, small or large, contact Herbs & More at: 760 753-7272.

If you found this information helpful, please share it with others