Why the Traditional Medical Community Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

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High Cholesterol? Take this pill. Type 2 diabetes? Try this medication. Heart disease? I hear there’s a new prescription that does wonders. Depression? No problem; this drug or maybe another drug will do the trick for you.

You’ve heard the promises, and maybe you’ve even tried to chase health concerns away with pharmaceuticals. They can be helpful and even lifesaving at times. However, many of you know  that virtually all drugs are symptom chasers. Additionally, almost all, if not all drugs rob the body of nutrients, are acidic and cause your liver to have to work harder to transmute the medication once it has served its purpose.

And besides: you didn’t medicate yourself into these health problems, so why would we believe the solution is to medicate our way out of them.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of  Americans die from drugrelated complications of one sort or another.

Over time, good diet and lifestyle can solve many of the problems that a bad diet and lifestyle have created. If given the natural resources it needs, the body can often heal itself, without most of the drugs tv commercials, conventional alopathic doctors and drug companies sell.

Americans fill more than three billion prescriptions annually. Direct medical expenses for diabetes alone topped $92 billion in 2002–up from $44 billion in 1997, and those numbers are much higher now than they were then.   Poor nutrition among American adults is linked to several hundred billion in annual medical costs. Many people using pharmaceuticals now need these prescriptions and procedures just to survive–not to become healthy.

Without trying to sound too cynical, healthcare is a huge business, not a mission for the drug companies. Drug companies sponsor many of the medical education efforts that support the status-quo curriculum of doctoring centered on drug companies’ products, not cheaper, effective, natural alternatives. While most doctors are motivated to make a difference and alleviate their patients’ suffering, many have never been trained in the full spectrum of treatment options, including natural alternatives. Many other countries and older cultures are more integrating when it comes to using natural ways to support higher levels of health.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others