OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW (bowel cleansing) !!!

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By Steve Marmor

After the holidays or anytime you feel like “cleaning up”, consider a bowel cleansing protocol to “change the oil” in your own vessel after the holiday cheer.

None of us would think about going a hundred thousand miles without an oil change or tire rotation when it comes to our cars. Most of us have never been given an owners manual for our bodies. If we were, we would be doing periodic tune-ups and cleanses on a regular or semi-regular basis for the cells that make up tissues that make up our organs and glands.

The Taio-He cleanse is one of my personal favorites and is 20% off retail at Herbs & More through January, 2012 (internet users can refer to this offer all year long for same discount). This cleanse is a liver, deep cell, bowel cleanse, all in one, that is moderate, not extreme. You get to eat normally (cutting out rich, heavier foods at night, drinking more fluids and reducing your sugar intake).

Generally, by the end of the cleanse (ten days to two weeks), a person will feel lighter, cleaner, clearer and more lucid. It is not a weight-loss protocol, but most everyone that uses this cleanse finds they have lost 3-7 pounds in the process.

Don’t forget to ask about liquid chloryphyl that is a companion product with this cleanse and is also 20% off retail through January (internet users that refer to this article get discount year around). Don’t forget to drink lots of water during any cleanse.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others