A “Rescue” Effort for Your Health is the Wrong Approach

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Proactive, Not Reactive!

By Steve Marmor  herbalist, iridologist, nutritional consultant

We have a society full of ambulances. When disaster strikes, these ambulances charge off with hope they will arrive in time to save a life. Sometimes rescue works, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way it is traumatic and costly.

Do you or others you know have an ambulance mentality about health? If a family member died of complications related to diabetes or another family member died of cancer, would you just wait and worry for the same diseases to effect you and then call the ambulance to come and save you?

You are smarter than that and even though you may never have been given an owner’s manual for your body, in most cases,  you don’t have to “rescue” yourself from a situation—simply avoid getting into the problem in the first place. It isn’t always as easy as that but there certainly are actions we can take to be more proactive regarding our health.

What Worked in the Past Doesn’t Work Now

The leading killers of the century before last were all diseases of “rescue”. Plagues, tuberculosis, diarrhea and others, many times poor sanitation being the cause. It is a different time with different diseases, yet the rescue approach is most often still being applied. Your body can’t be healed properly by viewing it as independent puzzle pieces. It’s a system that works as a unit. Thus, the reference to a holistic approach to healing and overall more optimum health.

Leading Causes of Death in the U.S. in 1900’s: Tuberculosis; Pneumonia; Diarrhea; Heart disease; Liver disease. Leading Causes of Death in the U.S. as of 2001: Heart Disease; Cancer; Stroke; Drug Reactions; Accidents (including motor vehicle). (Compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics, 2001).

 These days, it isn’t just causes of death, it is also how we feel on a daily basis. How are: energy, sleep, moods, concentration, libido, digestion, immune system, weight, stress, etc? Wouldn’t it seem to be our birthright to feel good most of the time and enjoy our lives? This is harder to accomplish when we don’t function well and feel out of sorts much of the time.

When it comes to health clarity and a more holistic approach, contact Herbs & More—Your Natural Health Center, in Encinitas, Ca., 760 7537272. www.herbsandmore.com. We specialize in getting to the cause of health problems and establishing the proper hierarchy of priorities. Your birthright is to pump on all cylinders and have a zest for life and good outlook. When you feel well, this is a lot easier to achieve.




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