Treatment for Cold Sores

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By Steve Marmor

A cold sore is an infection of the herpes simplex virus that causes a painful, oozing group of blisters usually located around the lips. They turn into a scabby sore. Cold sores are also known as fever blisters. Brought on by sun exposure for some and almost always because of excess stress. Contributing factors that can also lead to outbreaks are: exhaustion, alcohol, excess sugar consumption and other poor dietary choices.

Treatment for cold sores does not have to be difficult and outbreaks can usually be helped considerably in a day or two and cleared in several days. L-lysine has been used to both treat and prevent the recurrence of cold sores. L-lysine can be used internally or externally as a poultice. Black walnut extract, tea tree oil, lavender or peppermint oil can also be applied topically to help heal the sores.

The two most effective herbal combinations I have ever used with customers and clients for cold sores or genital herpes are: Vs-c and Stress-j. Vs-c is a combination of herbs that support the immune system, knock down the viral load, nourish the liver and support detoxification. Stress -j supports the nervous system, promotes natural calming, has anti-viral properties, and aids proper digestion.

If you take these two formulas (Vs-c & Stress-j), stay away from sodas, sports beverages and alcohol, reduce sugar intake, as well as drink water and try to reduce your stress level through moderate exercise and stress management techniques such as: yoga and meditation, you can kiss your herpes outbreaks goodbye! You are assured of at least reducing the frequency and the intensity of these outbreaks within one to two weeks and should be able to go months, if not years without outbreaks at all.

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