Magnesium…The Great Relaxer

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By Steve Marmor

Problems and solutions associated with Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium contributes to the alkalinity of the body and acts as a natural laxative for the bowel. Magnesium soothes and cools the brain and nervous system in general and also has sedative properties.

Due to mineral depletion of soils, magnesium deficiency is more common than most people have any idea about. A person suffering from magnesium deficiency can be hyperactive, anxious, apprehensive, fidgety, overly concerned about work and other daily life events and interactions. Eventually this type of deficiency will lead to symptoms of exhaustion because of overactive mental and physical effort.

Other Symptoms of Magnesium Hunger

Vibratory tremors in the head and nerve endings. Brain activity slows, speech less coherent, stammering, unclear conversation, quivering, dramatic mood swings, sugar cravings, cramping during menses, fondness for acid foods, shoulder and neck muscles stiff in the evening in particular. These and many other symptoms and ailments indicate magnesium hunger.

Highest Magnesium Foods

Nuts, oats, apricots, Brazil nuts, cashews, coconuts, figs, goat milk, lentils, okra, prunes, pistachio nuts, rice (wild or brown) parsley, peas, dates, avocados, beet tops, yellow cornmeal, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, are all good sources of magnesium. The truth is, as previously mentioned, soils are not what they used to be and therefore even people who are eating foods thought of as magnesium rich foods are not getting their due.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others