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Menopause can be managed naturally…

By Steve Marmor

It’s been a confusing decade or more for menopausal women. For a long time HRT (hormone replacement therapy) was recommended as the super cure for the uncomfortable and unpleasant effects associated with menopause: hot flashes, night sweats, sleep challenges, lapses in concentration or memory, weight gain, vaginal dryness, thinning hair, skin changes, moodiness, etc. For years women went to HRT for relief from these symptoms, and in many cases the treatments worked.

In the latter 1990’s a number of studies yielded controversial results: those results showed not only is HRT unhelpful in the long run, but prolonged exposure to estrogens can cause cancer, and more than just cancer. Estrogen overload has been tied to heart disease and stroke, as well as a variety of additional health challenges. In July 2002, the Institute of Medicine conducted a study that proved two popular synthetic estrogens (given to women at the onset of menopause) increased the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, strokes, pulmonary clots and heart attacks. Worse, the combination of these two popular drugs actually delays the detection of breast cancer by decreasing mammogram sensitivity. So, not only have these synthetic “replacements” contributed to the development of cancer, they have made it more difficult to discover.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been giving way to bio-identical HRT and natural herbal supplementation over the last ten to fifteen years. As remarkable as it may seem, many women are still not aware that there are alternatives to the more synthetic and problematic sources of HRT. For that matter, most menstruating women don’t realize how easy it usually is for a trained herbalist or natural health practitioner to assist when it comes to balancing out their female system when a woman is having difficult monthly symptoms of: heavy cramps, moodiness, weepiness, heavy flow, irregular cycles, etc. A monthly menstrual cycle that elicits difficult symptoms need not be a “sentence” women are stuck with!!! Getting back to the main topic of this article, which has more to do with natural balance for menopausal women…

Who wants to take the risk of conventional HRT?

No one wants to—but many women feel they must. Many women who have used this form of hormone replacement therapy stop for a period of time, and yet a quarter of them resume synthetic HRT to relieve the drenching hot flashes, disabling fatigue, disturbed sleep, depression and other menopausal symptoms. What this means is that women are turning to or returning to HRT, despite the risks. Why? Because no one has pointed out or shown them any other alternatives.

“Breast cancer now strikes 1 woman in 8 or more, up from 1 woman in 30 in 1960, before estrogen therapy was popularized.” Dr. Michael Lam, M.D.

You Can Combat Menopause Symptoms Naturally…

It’s true: you can help balance menopause symptoms naturally. Menopause is a natural part of life—it isn’t a disease or an ailment. In fact, the many symptoms of menopause are usually quite easy to balance quickly and easily. Negative symptoms and suffering do not have to be a part of menopause! It is a womans’ birthright to feel good, and the time frame around the age of 50 for a women, should and can be the very best and strongest time of her life.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others