Inflammation Can Be One of Your Worst Health Nightmares

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By Steve Marmor

Chronic inflammation is the culprit behind an array of health issues and diseases from diabetes to heart disease. In fact, more and more information is surfacing indicating that inflammation is one of the big keys to aging.

The conclusion by some medical researchers is that if you can manage to control chronic inflammation, you can have a considerable influence on reducing disease risk and slowing the aging process.

What is inflammation? Plain and simple, one definition is that inflammation is swelling. It’s your body’s way of fighting infection or trying to heal from a wound or illness, and when temporary, it is natural and normal. But chronic inflammation is anything but normal.

Inflammation starts as a response to some stimulus. That stimulus may be an injury, infection or illness, as examples. If the body gets the essential elements it needs to combat the stimulus, it can return to health in a short time. In this example, the inflammation is temporary.

However, if the stimulus is repeated again and again, or is a chronic way of life, then inflammation leads to pain, infection and vulnerability to viruses or parasites—all elements that contribute to more and more inflammation (a vicious cycle). This vicious cycle ultimately can break down organ function, weakens the heart muscle, contributes to insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes, trigger certain cancers, Alzheimer’s and arthritis, to name several possible outcomes of chronic inflammation.

Each person’s body reacts uniquely to prolonged inflammation, and that’s why it’s taken so long to make the connection between these very different diseases and the common link of inflammation.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others