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By Steve Marmor

Infection is a major concern for many people because we have been taught that “germs” like bacteria and viruses cause disease. It is not so much that they cause the disease but are opportunistic and attack weakened and diseased tissues. Just as flies are attracted to garbage piles and mosquitos are attracted to swamps. The flies don’t cause the garbage piles and the mosquitos don’t cause the swamps. You can spray these environments with pesticides to kill the insects, but when the pesticides wear off, the insects will return. Also, the bugs that survive the poisoning are those most resistant to the poisoning. In this way, we breed stronger and stronger bugs. The same exact thing has been happening with the use and overuse of antibiotics. 

Consider that the cure for the cold is the cold itself. There are plenty of herbs and natural therapies to assist children and adults in their time of need when experiencing cold or flu symptoms. Also, remember, maintaining a hydrated, slightly alkaline, aerobic internal environment is the least likely place for bacteria and viruses to be able to take a foothold. They like the junk (dehydration, anaerobic, acidic environments are their breeding grounds).

Prevention and maintaining a strong immune system for you and your children, will serve the entire family well.  Eating healthy foods, drinking alkaline ionized water, getting adequate rest, moderate and consistent exercise, as well as managing stress, are the primary keys to good health.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others