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By Steve Marmor

Parents often worry a lot about earaches. First, because they are very painful and second, because they don’t want children to lose their hearing. The root cause of an earache is usually the same as a sore throat. Mucous from the sinuses irritate the eustachian tubes which connect the inner ear and throat. When these tubes become inflamed due to irritation they will swell shut. The flow of blood and lymph needs to be restored to this tube to reduce the swelling and allow the tube to reopen. As soon as this happens, the ear will usually stop hurting.

Garlic and mullein are some of the very best herbs for this purpose. They can be purchased at Herbs & More in Encinitas, Ca. 760 753-7272  in an extract form to be placed directly in the ear.

Garlic oil can also be used as a rub around the ear, especially underneath the ear and jaw moving down towards the throat.  This encourages lymph flow. A few drops of warmed garlic oil can be placed directly into the ear, making sure the garlic oil is at least body temperature. If the garlic oil is not warmed, the coolness of the oil can cause the ear to contract and increase rather than ease the pain. If you do not have garlic handy, try any of the following: lobelia extract, CBG extract, the juice of a baked onion (works very well), are examples.

Other considerations are to cut out milk and dairy products for awhile or longer if your child tends towards frequent sinus and ear infections. Also, consider a trip to your chiropractor or osteopath and have the child checked and adjusted as needed for upper cervical subluxations. Many people are surprised when they hear me mention chiropractic for youngsters. A tree grows tall and sturdy when supported well in its earliest stages of life. This is no less true when it comes to the maintenance of  structural integrity for children and teenagers.

Herbs & More in Encinitas, Ca. 760 753-7272 works with people of all ages on a wide variety of health issues.

If you found this information helpful, please share it with others