Deodorants Possibly Tied to Breast Cancer

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By Steve Marmor  herbalist, iridologist, nutritional consultant

British Scientists may have found a connection between deodorants and breast cancer. They measured the aluminum levels in breast tissue from 17 breast cancer patients. They found aluminum to be the highest in all the patients in the upper outer quadrant region of the breast, where it is considered there would also be the highest concentration of deodorant.

Is Your Anti-Perspirant Carcinogenic?

Many of the commonly used deodorants and anti-perspirants consist mainly of aluminum salts, which have long been linked to cancer. The researchers said aluminum is both a metalloestrogen capable of binding to estrogen receptors, and also a known carcinogen which damages DNA.

While the deodorant-breast cancer link has long been suspected, the new study is the first to identify a specific quantity of aluminum in the area of the breast–the upper outer quadrant–which has the highest incidence of tumors. Remember, it isn’t what you do every once and awhile that is usually most important, it’s what you do every day that has the biggest influence on health, both good and bad. The researchers said, however, they cannot definitely state that the aluminum came from deodorants. So, take this information with a grain of salt, just reconsider aluminum salts!

Breast cancer, which is the most common cancer in women and the leading cause of death for women 35-54, is caused by genetic and environmental factors.

Herbal Alternatives in San Diego

Consider other types of deodorants that do not use aluminum salts. These aluminum salts free deodorants have been available at Herbs and More in Encinitas, Ca. 760 753-7272 for years and are generally available at any of your local health food stores as well.

Also remember, body odor is often related to digestive inefficiency. That is, what is going on inside your body can reflect outward in the form of unpleasant body odor.  Consider food combining principles and improving waste transit time regarding bowel function. In addition, if not familiar with the idea of periodic cleansing , learn more for improved health. You change the oil in your car periodically don’t you? Just because most of us have never been given an owners manual for our bodies, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn more about this area of health maintenance.

Additionally, even though this next point does not pertain to deodorants, it is worthwhile information to consider on the same topic of breast health. That is, beware of underwire bras. The metallic underwire can impede circulation to the lymphatic vessels so plentiful in breast tissue, and contribute to more congestion and stagnation in those tissues. Many women prefer underwire bras because of the more favorable contours compared to some of the the alternatives. Relative to maintaining higher levels of breast health, you may want to consider eliminating this potential hazard, or at least doing more homework on the subject. Analogously, silicon breast implants are thought by many to create more attractive contours compared with saline, but the health risks are greater with silicon.

Some additional suggestions for helping to maintain breast health: Manage pH, hydrate, skin brush, thermography, chiropractic, lymph massage, exercise, lots of mineral rich veggies, natural forms of hormone replacement rather than HRT, reduce or eliminate animal products given hormones to fatten them for market (we are up-line on the food chain), avoid xenoestrogens (plastics, chemicals in sunscreens, new carpet fibers, off-gassing from new furniture material in the home or car), incorporate lignan rich foods or supplements. Also note, there are 4-5 times the number of iodine receptor sites in breast tissue, as compared to the much smaller thyroid gland. If use foods or supplements like kelp, bladderwrack, irish moss, etc,. you provide the breast and thyroid tissues with more of what they need to function efficiently and stay healthier. When receptor sites have healthy values instead of unhealthy ones, it is like having a key in a lock filling up space so unhealthy estrogens and xenoestrogens can’t get in.

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Best health, Steve Marmor

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