Low Energy, Sleep Problems, Digestive Issues are Everywhere! What to do?

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There is a solution that works!

By Steve Marmor, herbalist, iridologist, nutritional consultant

Do you feel like an eight cylinder vessel on four, five, six or seven cylinders but never on eight? Did you have a protracted or elongated period of stress that resulted in a change in the way you feel on a regular or semi-regular basis virtually every day?

Do you notice a myriad of symptoms that seem to have almost come out of nowhere? Examples are: Low energy or exhaustion, problems with sleep often leading to medications, concentration and or memory issues, moodines (irritability, edginess, impatience, depression or a combination), low libido ( sex takes energy so when general energy is down, sexual energy is down, no mystery ), carb and sugar cravings ( when energy is low we reach for quick energy in the form of high-glycemic foods), weight gain that is somewhat inexplicable ( when the body perceives “itself” as losing the energy battle and being exhausted all the tme, it holds onto weight despite most best efforts), suppressed immune function or developed auto-immune issues, digestive problems that may include symptoms of acid-reflux, gas, bloating, nausea, sensitivity or discomfort under left bottom rib, shallow breathing at times, constipation or loose stool or other?

The above are a host of symptoms, in most cases all with the same cause and solution…That is, the body battery is exhausted and the nervous system is depleted. The CORRECTION is to build the charge and feed the nerves. Must rest and re-charge as well as take some herbal supplements to accomplish the results of pumping on eight cylinders and feeling like your old new self again.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others