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There's a Lot You Can do About Osteoporosis in San Diego

The Primary Cause of Osteoporosis in San Diego (and elsewhere) and What You Can do About it

By Steve Marmor – Herbalist, Iridologist, Nutritional Consultant

Elderly people and post-menopausal women are ingesting calcium by the funnel-full, yet they are still osteoporotic. Why is this? Could it be that the common approach to maintaining strong bones is partially flawed, misunderstood and needing some important updating?!

Let me present some ideas that will be understandable and a useful information shift for most people concerned about maintaining bone mineral density (BMD).

The primary reason so many people are losing BMD (bone mineral density) is that their blood chemistry is too acidic. Your internal regulating organs and glands maintain your blood chemistry ph in a range of approximately 7.3-7.4. If a person is running acidic, the body will message for tissues throughout the body to release partial stores of alkaline mineral reserves (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, are examples) in order to neutralize the acidic condition.

Your body does this to neutralize caustic elemental acids circulating in your bloodstream and present in tissues throughout your body. Neutralizing acidity isn’t something your body maybe does or hopefully does or possibly does, it must do! The reason is that delicate filtering structures within your kidneys will not tolerate harsh acids, so these acids need to be buffered by alkaline minerals before they pass through your kidneys. Not to mention that more disease conditions of all kinds exist in the presence of a consistently acidic blood chemistry and body tissues. That is, there is more than osteoporosis to be concerned about when people consistently run acidic.

When you are running too acidic on a consistent basis, you use up your alkaline mineral reserves stored in liver tissue, muscular tissue and other locations around the body where extra minerals are stored. When those reserves are used up your body says, send more alkaline minerals to buffer the acids that are still so prevalent.

The body is really saying, the human that is running this body and the choices they are making are too acidic (coffee, sodas, alcohol, sport beverages, energy drinks, stress, acid-forming foods, little or no weight bearing exercise, not enough of the proper kinds of mineral supplementation, dehydration and the wrong kinds of water). The body reports back and says, I still need more minerals, where are they? The body says the only mineral reserves I still have available in the quantities needed are stored in my bones. The body says, I need some more minerals in a hurry…this human is too acidic. The body messages the release of minerals from the largest mineral repositories found in the body (your bones) and those are found in your hips, pelvis, wrists, femur, etcetera.

You should know that you can never take enough supplemental calcium that will find its way to your bones to compensate for a consistently over-acidic blood chemistry.

The way to improve this situation is to maintain your blood ph in a healthier range. Start by checking the ph of your urine on a semi-regular basis with simple ph strips to make sure you are in proper range. If you are out of range then you know it and can go about the business of amending and correcting the ph imbalance that is contributing so directly to BMD loss; take calcium forms that are more easily assimilated such as an ionic calcium; do weight bearing exercise; reduce your stress (stress is acid to the blood); drink alkaline ionized water; reduce many of your acid-forming food and beverage choices. In this way your body does not have to work as hard to compensate for excessive acidity by constantly drawing alkaline mineral reserves from your bone structures.

Additionally, most of us are dehydrated and not aware of it. If you want to start on a better track related to preventing osteoporosis and improving bone strength and health—drink more alkaline ionized water. We are 70% water, but most people concentrate on the other third, yet pay very little attention to the kind of water they drink and how much they drink.

Alkaline ionized water from an Athena ($2,200.00) or Venus (1,200.00) or Naia ($600.00) ionizer will douse the fires of acidity and mobilize a great deal of the pro-inflammatory acidic debris from your body tissues. The myriad of other benefits from drinking the proper kind of water are too numerous to convey in this article. Stay tuned for other class topics that may be of interest.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others