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Don't Take More Drugs, Build Your Immune System!

Steve Marmor Says: You Don’t Catch Colds – You Earn Them!

Let Encinitas’ Herbs and More Show You How to Create a Bulletproof Immune System

Most of the time, it’s pretty easy to get rid of a cold and just about any other acute ailment, too. Basically, all you have to do to get rid of a cold is remove the cause.

Oh, you’re thinking that means to simply get rid of the virus or bacteria. That would be true if the virus or bacteria were the real cause of the cold, but they are not. We have all been taught we caught the cold because we got infected with a virus or bacteria, but we need to do some “unlearning” here to know what is really happening

There are two theories out there about germs and disease, not only one. The theory that says germs cause disease was advanced by Louis Pasteur, and it has become the most popular, so most people accept it without question.

The approach I am about to share is based on the theory advanced by a contemporary of Pasteur named Antoine Beauchamp. Interestingly, Pasteur did not discover “germs”, Beauchamp did, and Beauchamp’s research showed that germs lived in diseased tissue.

Pasteur plagiarized Beauchamp’s research, but gave it a different twist, because Pasteur believed germs made tissue diseased. Today most people believe Pasteur’s theory, even though Pasteur is reported to have admitted on his death bed that Beauchamp was right.

The Health of Your Immune System Determines the Health of Your Life!

But, if Pasteur was right, and germs alone cause disease, then why is it that a group of people can all be exposed to the same microbe and some will get sick and some won’t? We say it is because some of the people are immune. What that really means is that some people have an environment in their tissues that is favorable to serve as a host for the infection (disease thrives in an acidic, oxygen deprived, dehydrated environment). Some people maintain the health of their tissues in a state that is unfavorable for microbes and virus to survive in. In other words, their tissues are healthier (alkaline, oxygenated and hydrated)!

You can only “catch” a cold when your system is weakened in a manner that makes you susceptible. So, doesn’t it make more sense to focus on creating a body that is immune rather than trying to avoid or kill all the microbes or virus? If we can do that then we can not only cure colds and flu rapidly, we can also prevent them.

“Do flies cause garbage piles?”

A simple analogy that helps us understand…Do flies cause garbage piles? Of course not. Are flies found in garbage piles? Yes, because flies are scavengers and feed on decaying organic matter. In the same manner, germs are attracted to diseased or weakened tissue. Not because the germs made the tissue weak, but because the germs were drawn to weak tissue

The lesson is .… keep your internal environment clean, alkaline, oxygenated and hydrated. In this way, you will rarely catch colds, the flu or anything else. True prevention against virtually all dis—–eeease is to maintain the homeostasis of your blood chemistry and body tissues in a more balanced state. If you do so, your health will be analogous to walking through a rocky stream with steel-toed boots compared to wearing thongs or flip-flops. Give your “toes” a break.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others