Vaccinations ( to do or not to do, that is an important question ) ?

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By Steve Marmor  herbalist, iridologist, nutritional consultant

When school begins, letters get sent home to remind parents of vaccination “requirements” in order to attend school. In fact, well before that, young children from infancy through the first several years of precious life, are most often recommended a barrage of immunizations & vaccinations.

What they don’t tell you is that there are exemptions allowing for the opportunity to opt out prior to this rigorous vaccination schedule. These exemptions include medical exemptions for those predisposed to adverse reactions, as well as religious exemptions for those whose religion is against vaccinations. In many states there are also philosophical and conscientious belief exemptions. These allow an individual to make an informed decision as to whether they want themselves or their children to be vaccinated. The laws fall under state law, not federal law, although recommendations come from the Centers for Disease Control. As an incentive, the feds give money to states that maintain high vaccination rates and add new vaccines. As recently as twenty years ago, schools received $102.00 for every fully vaccinated student.

Since the early 1990’s, the number of routine vaccines has doubled. DOUBLED! Simultaneously, the rate of Autism has gone from one in 2,500 children in 1991, to one in 166 in 2005. Now it is one child in less than 100 being diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This is an absolutely shocking development in our society. This vaccine relationship may appear anecdotal, and although nobody is saying that the increase in autistic disorders is solely due to vaccinations, this statistical increase is more than just a curious correlation. Genetic predispositions certainly seems to play a significant role in manifesting Autistic Spectrum Disorder, but almost any clear-minded individual might consider that there is a link between vaccinations and this disorder. Some believe it is not necessarily the vaccine only, but also related to the preservatives mixed in with the vaccination ingredients.

Vaccines are composed of lab-altered live virus or killed bacteria, along with additives such as aluminum, anti-biotics, formaldehyde, yeast protein and mercury in the form of thimerosal. Thimerosal, a preservative used to combat fungi and bacterial growth in vaccines, contains ethylmercury, a potent neurotoxin.  Dr. Boyd Haley, a world authority on mercury, said, ” you couldn’t even create a study that shows thimerosal is safe.” Yet, we impose these compounds on our highly sensitive young children without hardly a thought as to the potential for harm.”

Selectively, no one is saying that there aren’t times when the use of a vaccine & immunization would not be of use. Tetanus and whooping cough are just a couple of examples. The suggestion is to at least consider and look further into this very important topic. At the very least, consider talking with your pediatrician or other informed resource specialists about stalling the rigorous vaccine schedule, as well as being selective as to the one’s given.

Again, as new children are being born and young children are about to start pre-schools, consider review of this very important subject…for the sake of our children and grand-children. If we are not thoughtful as to how we influence, some would say pollute our gene pool, it becomes harder and harder to reverse the damage done, if a nation or the world ever truly can?!

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