What Causes Headaches? How to Get Rid of Them – Now!

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By Steve Marmor – herbalist, iridologist, nutritional counselor

The reason I say headaches no more is to grab your attention. Certainly, frequent headaches are a symptom of something that has to be delineated in order for the cause to be addressed.

There are many reasons that headaches come about. Some of the most common reasons are hormonal imbalances, liver congestion, constipation and upper cervical & vertebral subluxations (misalignments).

We couldn’t possibly think it our birthright to have to live with constant headaches that at best are distracting and in the extreme, for some, seem ever-present and debilitating. Like many health issues in our current world, headaches are looked at as the problem instead of a symptom of something else. Our bodies whispering, then yelling, then screaming that there is something wrong and that some imbalance exists that needs to be attended to.

Hardly any of us are born with an owner’s manual as to how to take care of our bodies. If we were, we would cleanse more, build our energy reserves at other times, get more rest, drink more water, get moderate exercise, make sure to laugh more, eat better foods from an earlier age and do “tune-ups” on certain body systems periodically. Since most of us have not been taught this, we kind of fly by the seat of our pants and do the best we can with our health.

When it comes to headaches, the most common response is a “light” medication for the milder headaches and a much stronger medication for the more severe headaches. Even some herbs and natural therapies do not address more than the symptom until the underlying cause is clear.

In the well regarded book, You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty, F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. writes: “When there is dehydration in the brain area—whether it is caused by insufficient intake of water, stress, alcohol, or overheating the body—the action of histamine causes the pain we know of as a headache or migraine. To alleviate this type of pain, two, three, even four glasses of water may have to be taken”.

In the same book, Dr. Batmanghelidj references some of the other benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated.

Below are just some of the other benefits mentioned…

Water helps reduce fatigue, makes skin smoother; enables our immune systems to function more efficiently to fight infections; separates the sensations of thirst and hunger because many people are actually eating when they are just thirsty; reduces morning sickness; decreases menstrual pain and hot flashes; helps lose weight without dieting; assists in the prevention of memory loss; can help relieve constipation; reduces allergy symptoms; supports more restful sleep; aids digestion; assists in reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches, as well as many other benefits of staying hydrated.

What source of water is best to address headaches and dehydration?

The world renowned “fountain of youth” waters, like Lourdes in France, the Hunza region in the Himalayas, Vilcabamba in Ecuador, all have similar properties in common. 1) They are alkaline (in that they contain minerals that support health and are a ph level of 9-10), 2&3) they are ionized, having higher oxygen and anti-oxidant levels, 4) are restructured into smaller molecular water clusters that translates to much greater absorbability. Restructured, ionized water can also more easily cross the blood-brain barrier where adequate hydration is needed to function properly. When there is undue congestion and stagnation in the head and brain tissues, there can often be rebound pressure against cranial nerves contributing to frequent headaches.

The idea is to keep things moving! To get your blood chemistry and tissues throughout your body to be more like a Himalayan glacial stream (in terms of clarity and mobility of toxins and residues), instead of like a lagoon or the Salt & Sea. When this is done, most people notice the frequency and intensity of their headaches are much improved in a relatively short period of time.

Tap water, bottled waters, distilled & reverse-osmosis waters are mostly acidic and dead (no energy value). They are not the best sources of water nor are they the best solution to combat headaches and dehydration

If you have been plagued by incessant headaches and do not know what else to do, try drinking at least a couple of quarts a day (or more) of alkaline ionized water for 7-10 days and see what kind of results you can achieve. You have nothing to lose except possibly those nagging headaches. Available at Herbs & More. Receive two free gallons when attending your first health and water class at Herbs & More, Wed., or Fri., 12:30-1:30.

Steve Marmor is the owner of Herbs & More, serving North & San Diego County since 1993. Herbs & More offers products and services that include: personal health consultations, whole body vibration, hyperbaric oxygen, EMF protection bio-chips, weekly health classes, alkaline ionized water, supplements and health safe products of all kinds. Call Steve at: 760 753-7272 or visit www.herbsandmorewater.com



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