Lean On Your Liver

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Your Liver (detox) is the back-up system to the intestines.  All of the blood coming out of your intestinal tract passes through the liver before being carried to other parts of the body.  Just as your intestines are the primary external organ of elimination (meaning the primary way toxins are pushed out of the body), the liver is the most important internal organ of detoxification. Its primary job is to neutralize toxins that get into your system.

In essence, your liver is your second line of defense. When youry intestines become burdened, your liver acts as a backup defense to keep toxic substances out of your blood. It is able to do this thanks to hundreds of enzyme systems that break down toxins and process nutrients.

In today’s toxic world, doing a periodic liver detox is not only useful, but very important. Not disimilar to changing the oil or oil filter in your car periodically. Not only does the liver have to process toxins generated by poorly digested nutrients and leaky gut syndrome, it also has to process food additives and environmental toxins. With the average person in America consuming several pounds of these chemicals each year, the liver has its job more than cut out for it.

If your liver is burdened with an excessive load of toxins, over time it will begin to weaken. As the liver gets weaker, it becomes less efficient in filtering toxins and your second line of defense starts to not work as well. This can give rise to headaches, internal tissue toxicity, sluggishness, lethargy, muddled thinking, skin problems (i.e. acne, eczema), weight gain, bloating, high or low cholesterol, thyroid problems, PMS, and a host of other symptoms that can lead to problems.

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If you found this information helpful, please share it with others