Alkaline Water (San Diego) Changes Everything!

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By Steve Marmor  herbalist, iridologist, nutritional consultant

Everywhere we turn we see people suffering from allergies, digestive problems, low energy, diabetes, constipation, arthritis, weight gain, sleep issues, depression and stress. So little is spent on prevention and becoming truly educated about how to properly take care of our health and maintain balance. The more common tendency is to address the symptoms as the problem and chase them forever with antibiotics, surgery and countless medications.

Can this be the true answer for achieving more optimal health? Alkaline Water (San Diego) does have some answers for you! What if we were ignoring the cause of these conditions—something so basic, so simple, that it is right in front of us?

Health scientists today are noticing a commonality in all disease ridden bodies: over-acidity and free radical damage caused by dehydration. It is estimated that at least 75% of Americans are dehydrated. The main cause of daytime fatigue is lack of water. Our bodies are approximately 70% water. When we don’t replenish the supply, and instead drink sodas, alcohol, coffee, sports beverages and energy drinks, we don’t function at peak or even near peak performance.

The world’s renowned “fountain of youth” waters , like Lourdes in France, the Hunza region of the Himalayas or the mountainous area in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, all have similar properties in common. They are alkaline (in that they contain minerals that support health and are a pH level of 9 or 10).  They are naturally ionized, having a higher oxygen level, anti-oxidants and the molecular structure of these waters is smaller and more easily absorbed. People who regularly drink these waters have been extensively studied since they have extraordinary health and longevity.

Here is where modern technology comes to the rescue by replicating what happens in nature right from your own tap. Water ionizer machines are a technology created over forty years ago and have been used extensively throughout the Pacific Rim for over three decades. In fact, in 5 households in Japan and 1 in 8 households in S. Korea own a water ionizer in their own homes for personal use. In the U. S., there is less than a 1% penetration into the American marketplace. This will not be for long!

It is a fact that more disease conditions exist in an acidic, dehydrated environment, and that we the people of the United States are expressing more ill health as a nation than ever in our country’s history.

Here are some personal water testimonials from people who have been drinking ionized water….

    1. “3 hip replacements, 2 rotator cuff surgeries, 3 disc-removals and lots of pain. Drinking alkaline water (San Diego) from Herbs & More for 1 week and I have no more pain, much more mobility and no longer need the support of my cane”.  Kirk


  • “After a lifetime of constipation, I am now regular with a lot more energy and feel great”.  Sharon
  • ” Fourteen years of extremely high blood sugar between 175-230, and after three glasses of alkaline water my sugar dropped to 114 overnight. I bought a water ionizer the next day”. Fred



  • ” Twelve years of recurring and an almost constant yeast infection went away in a week after starting to drink the alkaline water. I am so grateful”. Nikki


Among one of the best investments a family can make or at least consider, is the purchase of  an in home alkaline water ionizer. This will help to flush away acid waste, neutralize free-radicals, restore pH balance, promote anti-aging and disease prevention and provide their bodies with ultra cellular hydration and renewed energy. These machines literally transform tap water into highly alkaline and ionized water that restores your body’s internal balance.

Between water quality issues and the health crisis happening in America, this is an appliance product for everyone who cares about maximizing health and longevity. Alkaline Water (San Diego) has this health giving water available by the gallon as well as ionizing water machines available for purchase. For more information, go to or contact Herbs & More–Your Natural Health Center in Encinitas, Ca. 92024, 760 753-7272.

If you found this information helpful, please share it with others