Leisure Time…Nobody Can Do Without It…Rebuild Your Energy!

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get your rest

You work 50 hours a week with the commute and sometimes more. Come the weekend, you mow the lawn, walk the dogs, change the oil in your car, clean the garage and run the kids to the mall, a game or both. Then, it’s Monday morning again.

Need a time out?! Leisure time isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. If we don’t give ourselves time to unwind, we can get grouchy, fatigued, depressed, not sleep well and get older faster. Over time, life without leisure can lead to ulcers, migraines, cardiovascular issues, hypertension and other physical ailments.

On the other hand, a healthy dose of leisure and play time can keep you feeling zestful, energetic and young.

One way to look at the importance of leisure is to imagine your energy supply as a bucket. The bucket either has good integrity or it has holes in it. Life is so stressful and demanding for most people these days that virtually all adults have some “holes” in their bucket. The energy is poured in by nutrition, good water, massage, restful sleep (what’s that), chiropractic, yoga, meditation, accupuncture, a walk on the beach and nice music.  If we fail to maintain and restore our energy reserves, the energy runs out of the bucket almost as quickly as we “pour” it in.

Replenishing our energy reserves does not have to be as difficult as it may seem. Firstly, it requires giving oneself a permission slip to rest. Also, to the extent we can, staying away from the draining situations in life that take so much of our emotional energy. Next, get in some easy exercise, but nothing to fatigue at this point until the fluid levels in the bucket elevate to a higher and more stable level.

Also, take some specific herbal combinations that will help to put the “charge back into your  body battery” (start patching holes in your bucket), elevate ones immune response as well as feed and nourish the nervous system. These specific herbal combinations are like concentrated botanical salads that help with the process of rebuilding. The herbs without the rest don’t work as they should, and often, the rest without the compensating values contained in the herbal supplements doesn’t work as well either. At least, not as long as many of the same patterns and stress factors are still in place.

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