Hot Head After Cell Phone Use?

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Neutralize the harmful influence of radiowaves from cell phones and other electrical devices!

Ever notice a hot head after a phone call when using your cell phone? Maybe a tingling feeling on your hip where your cell phone is holstered?

In addition to yourselves, pay close attention to making sure your children and grand-children are protected. Young people up to the age of around twenty have a skull thickness that is thinner, and therefore more susceptible to potentially damaging radiowaves and electro-magnetic “pollution”.

Bio Protection in San Diego

The Southern California bio-protection support hub is located at Herbs & More—Your Natural Health Center in Encinitas, Ca. 760 753-7272. Herbs & More has bio-protection available for cell phones, laptops, wii, x-box, cordless phones, tv’s and all other electrical devices upon request. Very nominally priced and shipping is free for people out of area that would like them sent.

Contact Herbs & More today to place your order and get protected! These relatively inexpensive ( $25.oo each, including shipping ) bio-chips, adhere easily and are good for the life of the phone or other electrical device.

If you found this information helpful, please share it with others